Hamilton Island Race Week

SAILING, RACING & TEAMWORK….it doesn’t get better than this…

This Sailing Regatta and Executive Development Workshop. Held at Hamilton Island each August is an intense master class designed to provide participants with an interactive learning experience that will sharpen your skills and teach new ones to send your horizons soaring.

The Format

The program is designed for accomplished executives, senior managers and business leaders seeking further personal growth and professional development. In addition to the knowledge gained, you’ll experience camaraderie with your peers and the opportunity to form business alliances and build lifelong friendships.

Learning and Professional development will be achieved through a combination of techniques including:


Engaging Speakers

We’ve handpicked a diverse range of successful business professionals with real experience; their stories are exciting and inspiring.

Interactive workshops

The peer network will provide an idyllic platform for business leaders to collaborate, share ideas and discuss challenges.

Racing Yachts under racing conditions

In this rigorous, fast-paced environment (under expert guidance) individual decision making, strategic thinking and team dynamics are all put to the test. These factors are integral for achieving success in both yachting and business and it’s this unique blend that makes CEO1’s development program so effective.

Conditions at Hamilton Island during Race Week vary as is typical of the time of the year in August. Generally medium trade winds perfect for sailing and racing in this island paradise. Occasionally we get stronger winds which make the racing all the more interesting as do very light winds which we also experience.

Sydney 38 - MONDO
4 berths
1 toilets
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8 berths
1 toilets
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The Gains

Based at Hamilton Island in the picturesque Whitsundays, this unique environmental setting will present challenges you may not have faced before and that’s where the learning begins.

Working together with like-minded people to tackle issues head on and come away with a fresh perspective and an ability to approach the rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment of today. This is a fantastic opportunity, don’t let it sail by.

Improve your leadership style, inspire your colleagues and business partners as well as maximising your growth opportunities.

  • Exchange insights with other leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds who deal with similar business issues.
  • Broaden your network by establishing connections and friendships with a diverse range of skilled and talented individuals.
  • Create value through analysis, actions, alliances and networks.
  • Receive a copy of all presentation material – checklists, guidelines, and electronic reference material plus contact details of all participants.
  • Emerge with greater capabilities and a larger capacity to contribute to your personal and organisation’s future.


This is a fully catered, all-inclusive event. All you need is yourself (and personal attire). More details provided on booking.

Not Included

Airfares and Travel Insurance


Full Workshop

Individual $6,250 | Corporate* $7,250

*Corporate includes: Full Workshop, Speaking Opportunity, Promotional Yacht Battle flag and Corporate Logo on Workshop Uniforms

Hamilton Island Race Week

August every year
10 Days, 9 nights

First half and last half of the week also available.



Full Workshop
Individual $6,250 | Corporate* $7,250

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Having attended a number of sailing trips organised by Sailing Adventures, I thought I should pen you a note of thanks. Your overall organising, the great company, the food (!), and the warm hospitality are just first rate. I would also like to commend ‘Pozz’ (Brian) for his first rate seamanship that makes everyone feel so secure in all sailing conditions. I remember that while watching a movie called ‘White Squall’, which has a sad ending, I had thought ‘how difficult it would be to entrust the lives of your children to a crew and captain’ – well, I can honestly say I would have no qualms entrusting my children to a Sailing Adventures trip – but they have to be put to work! T Thanks again for great sailing memories.
Mark P January 17, 2017
Thank you for a truly great Sailing Adventures experience at Hamilton Island. The organisation of the event was excellent and the food was superb. The experience was enhanced even more by the careful way that you ensured the interaction of all the participants on their sailing adventure. I'll be back!
Tony C January 17, 2017
It has been great to have been able to participate in most of the week long group events organised by you around Hamilton Island Race Week over the past ten years. The efforts put into planning, organising and making the events enjoyable has been consistently successful. The theme of each event has been different but with an underlying objective of encouraging participants to discover the many and varied ways that individuals and business organisations can interact and learn. At the conferences, I have enjoyed the camaraderie with others with diverse interests and I have seen that almost everyone involved has had the opportunity to build relationships and gain insights into how many of the others attending were able to achieve a successful outcome for themselves or their business.
Bob M January 17, 2017
The leadership course during Hamilton Island Race Week offers the chance to improve sailing skills in racing conditions and learn from business leaders attending the well organised workshops. Provision of full catering and fully serviced cruising yachts mean participants can concentrate fully on the workshops and the sailing. An added bonus is the spectacle of world class racing yachts competing at the regatta. The top level sailing tuition and informality of the workshops have allowed me to learn new skills and develop genuine friendships.
Rob January 17, 2017
Great sailing, great rivalry, great communion/fellowship and it was a shame to leave and come home. There is little to  add. I would like to thank all conference participants for the spread of knowledge and enlightenment. Once again I got more from the speakers and subsequent discussion than the sailing  - it was only a small margin!!! Congratulations to Pozz and Cath for continuing the traditions and even enhancing them with the new trophy (thanks Rod) and events. All participants were delighted with the smooth organisation, especially the food and drinks.
John S October 31, 2016
Conventional yacht racing wisdom would say that being competitive on the water and having plenty of fun afterwards are mutually exclusive at a regatta  (just ask the crews of the high performance boats at the pointy end of the fleet who are often under curfew after 8pm and tucked up in bed by 10). Sailing Adventures defies this logic by providing an extremely well managed combination of great competition afloat and a five star entertainment experience ashore, with great food, wine and most importantly, great company.
Penny H October 31, 2016
Hamo Race Week is always a great time. The sailing is fun... exhilarating, but always with the right priority given to safety, leadership and teamwork. The week also provides the opportunity to meet friends, network and have fun, particularly in the evenings which are great social occasions without being overly organised. I should add that the entire week is very well organised which  only happens because the effort the Sailing Adventurers team put into looking after us in every respect from the accommodation, sea-faring lunches, culinary delights of a night and ensuring everyone has fun.
Don A October 31, 2016
I have attended Hamilton Island Race week several times but never had such a great experience as with CEO1/Sailing Adventures. It was superbly organised and exceptional in terms of excellent accommodation; dining and interacting each night with the whole group and of course the sailing activities to support the underlying training and personal development. I especially enjoyed mixing with such an interesting range of people who have so much to share over the period, and listening to the presentations each night and associated long discussions that followed in such a collegial setting. The leadership and team building aspects of the sailing activities proved to be insightful and very well crafted which is a credit to CEO1/Sailing Adventures. I also have built some lasting relationships from this unique environment and event and will be attending again, which is probably the best recommendation I can give CEO1/Sailing Adventures..
Jim S October 31, 2016