Why Sailing Adventures?

“Having attended a number of sailing trips organised by Sailing Adventures, I thought I should pen you a note of thanks. Your overall organising, the great company, the food, and the warm hospitality are just first rate. I would also like to commend ‘Pozz’ (Brian) for his first rate seamanship that makes everyone feel so secure in all sailing conditions. I remember that while watching a movie called ‘White Squall’, which has a sad ending, I had thought ‘how difficult it would be to entrust the lives of your children to a crew and captain’ – well, I can honestly say I would have no qualms entrusting my children to a Sailing Adventures trip – but they have to be put to work! Thanks again for great sailing memories”.

“I would recommend Sailing Adventures to anyone who is looking to experience a culture in a way that only the freedom of sailing offers”.

Sailing Adventures offers a unique holiday experience that will enrich the senses and invigorate your passion for exploring the world’s most idyllic waterways. On board our luxury cruising yachts or catamarans, your hosts and support crew will look after needs while you relax and immerse yourself in relaxation, culinary indulgence and memories that will last a lifetime. Experience the exotic cuisine unique to each region and taste the sensational wine local wines.

Discover exotic beaches and bays only accessible by boat and fall in love with historical architecture, art and culture that our destinations offer. Explore our sailing holiday options, express your interest in coming aboard by downloading a brochure and getting in touch to find out more.

Sailing Adventures offer 2 types of tours, in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. For those that enjoy their sailing and the challenge that competition can bring, the regatta circuits are fantastic mix of both on shore activities and racing. For others, just cruising some of the most spectacular locations on the planet maybe your ideal sailing holiday then our selection of cruising adventures will be your perfect choice.

Sailing Cruises

These include touring aboard sailing yachts, living aboard and travelling from town to town, bay to bay or island to island. These include our Sail Croatia, Sail Greece, Sail Vancouver Island & The Desolation Sound and Sail Asia.

The priority is sailing in comfort whilst enjoying  unique locations, great food and sharing the experience in the company of like-minded people under the guidance of experienced guides & sailors.

Regatta Circuits

Regatta Circuits take us to destinations where racing regattas are held and where our participants take part in the racing and shore activities involved with the regatta.

These include, Hamilton Island Race Week, Raja Muda Regatta in Malaysia, the Kings Cup in Thailand and The Bay of Islands Regatta in New Zealand.