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The Perfect Pizza

March 19, 2012

This recipe comes to us from the Napoli area of Italy. Pizza is now found all over Italy, but the south is its traditional home. Like many cuisines from around the world, pizza was a dish created by the poor, utilising local ingredients which were abundant and cheap. Hence the concept of putting tomato on […]

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Flavours of Italy

February 26, 2012

What you can expect on our sailing adventure in Italy As you know we spent some time over the Christmas break scoping out the Amalfi Coast for our next adventure in May, now only three months away! No matter where you travel around the Mediterranean there is a style of dish that is common to […]

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Misadventures on the Italian Coast

January 30, 2012

… whilst scouting out the best spots for Sailing Italy 2012 Cath and I have just got back from our trip to Europe, checking out all the great places we’re planning to take you on the Italian Sailing Adventure in May and June this year. Large parts of Italy simply shut down over the Christmas […]

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