Greece, Croatia & Montenegro here we come!

January 27, 2013 Categories: CroatiaCruisingGreeceMontenegroNews

It may only be the third week into the New Year, but looking at the calendar for 2013, we only have 15 weeks until we meet everyone in Athens for our Greek Odyssey and 18 weeks until we gather in Split for the Croatia/Montenegro tour.

The Greek Odyssey

greece-01The Greek Odyssey we are doing in conjunction with Med Holidays, a Greek specialist company with offices here and in Greece, will be the first time where we have offered one week land content touring some of the wonderful old world sites, towns and villages. Following the on-land tour we will be boarding our 53 ft. Jeanneau for a seven day sailing adventure around the Islands of the Saronic Gulf. This area is steeped in Greek history, but more “off the beaten track” as far as the hordes of tourists are concerned.

Our land content will take us to places like Arachova, Delphi, Meteora, Ionnina, Nafpaktos, Olympia, and Sparta. Along the way we will visit some of the most beautiful as well as ancient towns and villages, staying in great accommodation with all meals and drinks included in the price. The friendliness and hospitality of the Greeks is legendary and visits to some of the tavernas, wine making, olive oil production facilities as well as the food will be the making of memories long after your return.

greece2_280Once we embark Athens for our Sailing Adventure, we will visit islands, bays and towns around the Saronic Gulf with stopovers at Moni, Poros, Dhokos, Hydra, Delphi, Leonidion to mention a few.

All of the places we will visit are on our web site ready for download with lots of information on the various towns, villages or ports of call.

And now to Croatia & Montenegro…

Following our Greek Odyssey we will be heading for Split to meet our group of Sailing Adventurers heading off to the fabulous Islands of the Adriatic.Croatia has become a hotspot for tourism as it offers a diversity of destinations, set against spectacular natural landscapes.  The Croatian Adriatic includes 1,185 islands, islets and reefs and the coastline stretches 1,778 kms.  The mainland and islands are dotted with fishing villages, unchanged in many years and the otherwise uninhabited islands come alive in the summer as the restaurants, cafes and bars open up for the passing summer trade.  We are going to discover the heartland of Croatia – the Dalmatian coast.  This area of the coast will allow us to take in the history and architecture of Split, Dubrovnik & Montenegro; you will lose yourself in smaller towns such as Komiza, Hvar Town and Vrboska on Hvar.greece-02-300x230For the next 15 days we will travel south through the wonderful islands of the Adriatic to the spectacular and mostly undiscovered Montenegro….. Imagine a place with sapphire beaches as spectacular as Croatia’s, rugged peaks as dramatic as Switzerland’s, canyons nearly as deep as Colorado’s, palazzi as elegant as Venice’s and towns as old as Greece’s. Then wrap it up in a Mediterranean climate and squash it into an area two-thirds the size of Wales and you start to get a picture of Montenegro. We will have three days to explore, sightsee and sample the cuisine of this region.Leaving Montenegro, it’s off to Dubrovnik, with its old city, spectacular walls and unique history.

In the old port of the city you’ll find it easy to conjure up the ancient sailing vessels, the bygone centuries of wealth, power and fame. Dubrovnik, once a republic, a city state with a thousand years of liberty. The culture, literature, painting, architecture, philosophy, science, music and diplomacy of Dubrovnik are an irresistible part of the cultural heritage of Europe and the whole world. UNESCO has placed Dubrovnik under its special protection.

Happy sailing, Pozz & Cath